ARCH 457 Introduction to Deterioration and Conservation (3-0)3

  • Introduction to the characteristics and provenance of historic building materials used in construction and conservation projects. Introduction to the causes of deterioration and conservation techniques.

REST 509 Workshop in Conservation (3-6)6

  • Study of historical, architectural, structural and material characteristics of individual historic building(s) together with its physical context in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of its values, problems, potentials as a part of an interdisciplinary conservation process. Documentation, assessment, preparation of conservation proposals focusing on the students' own expertise and their presentation in a visual and written format.

REST 555 The Diagnosis and Treatment of Material Decay in Historic structures (3-0)3

  • The properties of historic building materials, the problems of deterioration, the faults likely to develop in the fabric of buildings, remedial techniques of conservation and restoration that can be employed.

REST 556 – The Laboratory and Conservation of Structures and Materials (2 – 2)3

  • The nature and behaviour of traditional building materials, their common defects, diagnosis of decay factors and current conservation techniques with a critical view of their performance. Case studies concerning single elements in buildings, extending to entire buildings and historic sites will be discussed.

REST 558 Laboratory Experiments in Conservation Science I (1-4)3

  • The use of laboratory facilities, in situ tests and measurements which will lead to an understanding of properties and behaviour of traditional building materials. Diagnosis of active decay factors in the context of a conservation research project.

REST 559 Laboratory Experiments in Conservation Science II (1-4)3

  • Laboratory studies on the selection criteria and testing of suitable conservation treatments, development of appropriate repair methods and materials, monitoring of conservation operations in historic structures.

REST 685 Conservation of Materials 1 (3-0)3

  • Newly developed techniques related to specific problems of material deterioration and remedies for them.

REST 686 Conservation of Materials 2 (3-0)3

  • Advances in conservation of some specific historic materials by the evaluation and discussion of recent research papers on several topics.

ARME 540 Conservation and Restoration of Archaeological Objects (2-2)3

  • Decay of archaeological material in soil and in exposed environment. Principles and some techniques of conservation. Possible interference problems in archaeometry due to conservation.

ARME 541 Archaeological Materials and Their Properties (3-0)3

  • Basic nature of archaeological materials, their properties and behaviour. Modification of properties through changes in microstructure.