In terms of advanced analythical equipment, METU-MCL improved its research capacity mainly in two fields:

- non-destructive analyses of buildings
- microstructural analyses of materials

The research capacity of METU-MCL for the analyses on physical, physicomechanical, mechanical, microstructural and raw materials characteristics of building materials is summarized below:

  1. XRD instrument (X-Ray Diffractometer): for mineral composition analyses

  2. SEM-EDX instrument (Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy): for morphological and elemental composition analyses

  3. Raman Microscopy: for chemical composition analyses

  4. FTIR instrument (Fourier Transform InfraRed Spectroscopy): for chemical composition analyses 

  5. Binocular and optical microscopes : for petrographical and mineralogical analyses of thin and cross sections, morphological investigations; Leica DM4500PLeica Z16 APO A

  6. Dilatometer: for determination of expansion-contraction properties; Vötsch Climate chamber

  7. Portable infrared cameras: for qualitative and quantitative infrared thermography analyses; FLIR E65,FLIR SC640

  8. Ultrasonic pulse velocity test equipments: for indirect determination of some physical and physicomechanical properties; CNS FARNELL Pundit Plus

  9. Point load instruments: for indirect determination of uniaxial compressive strength

  10. Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

  11. Spectrocolorimeter (KonicaMinolta): for colour measurements;
  12. Climate chambers; Sterile cabin,  Gas and Climate Chambe

  13. Thin section cutting and polishing instruments; Cutting and Polishing Instrument

  14. Climate measuring Instrument: Testo 480
These are the instruments that show the research and researcher potential of METU-MCL in microstructural analyses and non-destructive analyses.