Ongoing Projects


  • TUBITAK-CNR– 213M554: Stone consolidation with innovative nanodispersive products for the conservation of cultural heritage in the Mediterranean Basin, Turkey-Italy Bilateral Project, METU-MCL and CNR-ICVBC Rome; METU Budget: €82550,00. METU Project Coordinator: E. N. Caner-Saltık, Ayşe Tavukçuoğlu; Italy Team Coordinator: Dr. Annamaria Mecchi, Loredana Luvidi; June 2014 – May2016.


  • METU BAP-02-01-2015-001 "Relationship between sound absorrption properties and pore structures of lime-based plasters". Project Team: Ayşe Tavukçuoğlu (Coordinator), Emine N. Caner- Saltık, Mehmet Çalışkan, Işın Meriç, Meltem Erdil, Burhan Alam, Alp Güney. Duration: 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2015 (ongoing).